Space Cleaning

Why purify your space as per Vastu? Space clearing? Space Cleansing? Space Purification?

Residue builds on walls and in corners of every home and office on a daily basis with thoughts and words that are spoken. People working or living there become stuck and their environment results in energetic blockages. A space purification process removes undesirable energy from houses, businesses, and property. After clearings are done and obstacles and energetic limitations are removed, balance and harmony are restored. Also, after people are cleansed they feel lighter, more confident, have more energy, are more positive, and find more clarity in their lives.

Space purification is the art of cleansing, balancing, and enhancing a space on an ‘energetic’ level with the aim of aligning these energies to create harmony and balance in our living and work environments. Although relocating or redecorating is an effective way to change the energy in a home or business premises, sometimes this is not enough, and cleansing and clearing is needed at a much deeper level.

Remove Negativity

Space clearing basically removes the negative energy within one’s surroundings. Since everything in our life—from our health to our prosperity to our relationships —is highly affected by this vital flow of energy, it is of utmost importance that we keep this energy field around us clean and clear. Unwanted energy in our homes and businesses is a kind of toxic waste that just floats around creating negative effects on the quality of life.

When to Purify Your House

  • It is suggested to have your home cleaned if you are a new occupant.
  • When a new challenge or major change is happening it is suggested to have a clearing. This includes a new baby, new relationship, new job endeavor, or wanting to create energy for something new to happen.
  • When having additions or changes to already existing construction it is advised to have a clearing.
  • You should do this process once a month to move forward and release any stagnant energy.

To combat illnesses, declutter your surroundings

Clutter has the potential to create complications and even contribute to illness. The presence of clutter disrupts the natural flow of energy, causing it to become stagnant. When the smooth flow of energy is blocked or hindered, it prevents fresh and powerful energy from circulating throughout your home. The flow of energy impacts everyone residing in the house, and it is essential to ensure that nothing interferes with this natural energy flow.

To prevent strained relationships and promote good health, it is essential to promptly organize any mess in a bedroom. This entails placing soiled garments in a laundry basket instead of allowing them to accumulate, as well as regularly washing bed linens.

The principle of organizing and tidying up your bedroom should be extended to all areas of your house, particularly the kitchen and bathroom. The bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom all have a direct impact on the well-being of both you and your family. The activities that take place in each room have a significant influence on your overall health. The quality of sleep and relaxation, the type of food you consume, and your personal hygiene practices all contribute to your overall state of health.

Declutter Your Space, Declutter Your Life

Nothing is worse than returning home or a messy apartment after a hectic working day. It puts the brain into an immediate stressed state. Clutter is a physical block that we see that holds you from moving further or attracting a lucky situation in life.

To generate less clutter “buy less and buy better “A cluttered home can be a stressful home. Remember, your home is a living space and not a storage space. When you free up space from clutter, the things you most desire come to you in life. If you are carrying too much physical clutter your progress will be hampered.

Clutter and dirt create stagnant energy and impede the flow of positive energy. Therefore, the first step is to be ruthless and go through cupboards and drawers and clear out everything that is no longer in use, as well as clean everything as you go.

By using a solution of salt water, you can diminish the impact of negative vibrations in your home. Simply mix five tablespoons of unrefined sea salt or Vastu salt into the water and use it to mop the floors. This method effectively eliminates negative energy from your house.

During the process of space cleansing, it is recommended to open all the doors, windows, cupboards, and drawers for a brief period. Turn on all the lights and fans on the premises. You can also start playing soft music or use a relaxation tape, such as a Gayatri mantra tape. As you move around the space, ring a metal bell in every corner while simultaneously waving a burning incense stick. Place burning camphor in the prayer room. This entire process should only take a few minutes. Ideally, it is best to perform this energetic cleaning either in the early morning or during the evening.