The human energy field which is also referred to as the human aura; it’s something every each human being has. This luminous body is a manifestation of energy, surrounding our physical body being. Our aura has a direct connection to the energy vortices of our body which are the main seven Chakras. In essence, when you see aura colours, you are seeing the chakras as well.

All thedifferent colours of our aura seem like they are originating from the chakra and then blend in creating an energy field around the body. Most people are under the impression that only aura healers or alternative healers are able to see auras. But the fact is that it isn’t difficult to see an aura. You don’t really have to be particularly sensitive or a psychic to learn how to see and feel the human energy field that surrounds us

Your actual physical body is only a small part of your true self. The human body is made of energy that permeates every layer of our being. This energy, which permeates the body and extends out from it at various lengths  and can change according to our moods, health and spiritual character, is known as the Aura.

Everyone has an aura and has already seen or experienced the energy field of others at some point of time. Each colour has its general characteristics, but each shade of that colour can change those characteristics a little. This can be constructive or destructive. Plants, animals and even inanimate objects, also have auras but they differ in structure in varying degrees from the human aura at least as we can perceive them.

The aura changes constantly but may have a predominant colour in the emotional and causal layers.

How to work ?

Aura Photography and Aura Scanning is based on the understanding of modern research and the knowledge of various cultures over the millennia. These include Kirlian photography, Elektro Stimulation, Electronic Biofeedback Measurements to name a few.

The individual places his left (and right) hand onto hand sensors which measure standardised biofeedback resonance. These measured points of resonance, which are connected with certain organs and the electromagnetic field, deliver information about the energetic and auric qualities of the individual.

The camera displays your spiritual energy (a combination of body, emotion, mind and spirit) as a colourful field around your body. Although the human energy field changes from time to time, perhaps due to an experience or change of view, an individual’s overall aura remains substantially the same over time, but is subject to major changes.

This Aura image is an objective display of mind, body and soul which can help visually verify the subjective perceptions from the therapist or healer. It opens new possibilities of perception for an individual’s inner world and allows them the possibility to perceive unconscious reactions and alter them if they wants to.

These characteristics can show as distortions and blocks in the aura long before they manifest as illness in the physical plane. If this damage is not repaired and continues to occur over a time then the outward manifestation of this is disease or mental or emotional disruption.

Aura is our security circle, to understand at the level of science, we can address it as an antenna. Just like in the old time, antenna used to catch waves and send them to our TV, this is also the function of our aura, it catches the waves of the universe. The mind, aura, a subtle body are all the same, just the names are different at different levels.

There are three major nadis in our body, Ida Pingala Sushumna. The ida is in the left of the body, the pingala is in the right of the body, and the sushumna nadi is on the spinal cord. Where the Chakra is formed at the place where these three meet, then these three rivers meet seven places in our body, these seven places are our Chakras, the disease in which the unbalance came, the disease will come to the place related to that Chakra. So the protection layer of these seven chakras is called aura. Now this aura stores positive and negative wave, depending on the words you hear, your aura will be nourished or weakened. Just because of this decrease and increase, you get positive or negative.

The aura of sage saints is so developed that they change the negativity they have in positivity, but we are not able to do this because our aura is not so well-nourished as to remove the negative waves in the front, rather than the front Negative waves damage our aura, you must have seen that if you sit near someone, then you feel like sitting near it, because its positive waves you are catching and your gratitude¬†Dl is evolving, so your mind does not withdraw from him, and right there is any person have its opposite nature you think in mind that it will be when or something like that I leave soon here.¬†This means that your aura is being eroded by its negatively waves, that’s why your mind is repeating or throwing away that person.¬†All these processes take place in the subtle world.

It is also said that diseases etc. come first in the subtle body, later they affect the gross body, because if the cycle of the subtle body is unbalance, then the disease related to the same cycle will come on the gross body. Now the reason for chakra unbalance is the security layer of your aura is weakened. This caused unbalance of the cycle. The layer of the atrium is weakened by negative waves, so always keep meditating and do not let any negativity in you.