Energy Scanner

Uses of Aura Scanning

An aura scanner is a device or tool designed to detect and visualize the energy field, or aura, surrounding a person. These devices often use biofeedback technology, electromagnetic sensors, or other means to capture and interpret the subtle energy patterns believed to emanate from the body. The goal of an aura scanner is to provide insight into an individual’s energetic state, emotions, and overall well-being. While some people find aura scanners intriguing or entertaining, the scientific validity of aura scanning as a diagnostic tool remains a topic of debate within the scientific community.


Aura scanners are used in positive and negative energy  on a person’s aura and chakras. In Vastu Shastra, they balance energies in spaces by analyzing various energy forms and neutralizing negative influences through remedies like Healing. From a Vedic science perspective, aura scanners help understand and neutralize positive and negative energies using traditional methods.

aura scanners play a significant role in astrology, Vastu Shastra, and Vedic science by identifying energy imbalances, recommending remedies, and balancing energies in individuals and spaces for enhanced well-being and prosperity.